Transition Howard County is an all-volunteer organization that is focused on making the communities of Howard County more resilient and sustainable.

Our Vision: Sustainable and thriving communities within Howard County.

Our Mission: Promote practical solutions for Howard County’s transition to greater sustainability.

Our Slogan: Live Local and Prosper!

Transition Howard County (Transition HoCo) became the 144th officially recognized Transition Initiative in the United States and is the first official Transition Initiative in Maryland.

Transition HoCo is now part of the national Transition US movement that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, and networking, committed to building resilience across a wide range of social needs such as food, water, health, economics, and energy. The national Transition movement is in close partnership with the Transition Network, a United Kingdom based organization, that supports the international Transition movement as a whole. The international Transition Network provides a global platform for expressing and exchanging ideas and projects that demonstrate Transition principles.

Get Involved: Transition is not a spectator sport so we encourage you to participate. Check out ways to get involved or contact us at info@transitionhoco.org.