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Ways to Stay Healthy

posted Jan 14, 2017, 6:23 PM by Margo Duesterhaus

... and Keep a Good Work/Life Balance with a Busy Lifestyle

By Julie Morris

Photo via Pixabay by Geralt

Today, social media, texting, and instant messaging have made communicating with each other quicker and easier than ever before. This technology has been very helpful in the workplace, but has also made it possible for work to monopolize our time and focus during off hours, leading to poorer quality of life and burnout.

Maintaining a good balance between work and home life is very important.  Leaving work at the office and optimizing your home will minimize stress and allow you to have the time and personal space needed to focus on family and build relationships in your community.  Making that separation can improve your health as stress can contribute to a multitude of health problems.  Getting that time to recharge will also improve productivity and efficiency at work.

First Priority Should Be to Unplug

Leaving work at the end of the day to head home is usually a relief.  Cell phones and laptops are links to the office that are being brought home with you.  Create some boundaries by turning off notifications from work or ignore them unless it’s a legitimate emergency. 

Don’t set the precedent of being instantly available to coworkers and bosses after hours.  They will definitely take advantage of your time and energy.  You can show them you can be relied upon to get things done and taken care of during your scheduled work period.

Spending time with family and friends is diminished when your attention gets diverted to answering texts and emails that should wait until office hours.  You will nurture relationships by giving your full attention to those non-work activities, and give yourself the much-needed break from work after already putting in the required amount of time. Another great way to unplug is to take a trip.

Set Separate Work and Personal Life Goals

Focus on what you would like to achieve at work, whether it be a promotion or special project, and figure out exactly what it takes to make that happen.  Stay organized and efficient to get closer to achieving those goals. 

With a busy lifestyle, it is important to stay organized at home as well.  Find ways to streamline bill paying, get chores done, and run errands more efficiently.  Technology is really good for these projects- sign up for auto bill pay on their websites, order groceries online, and have them delivered to your home.  This way you will have more time to focus on the important things such as spending quality time with family and friends, taking a class, participating in a sport, or volunteering in your community. 

Managing time better at home and work will cut down on stress and help you keep your mind focused on tasks at hand.  Mental exhaustion and fatigue affects productivity and well-being.

Take Care of Your Health

Mental and emotional health is important to focus on in a busy lifestyle.  How you feel affects all areas of your life.  Being healthy helps you cope with stress, recover from challenges, and build good relationships with others.

Exercise is always a big component in getting and staying healthy.  Make time to run, bike, or do quick exercise routines at home when you are short on time.  You will feel more energized during the day and get better sleep at night.

Improve your diet by eating fresh produce from local farms, or grow your own. Stay away from so much junk or fast food.  Plan out some meals ahead of time and take healthier lunches to work so that you can eat healthier meals.  Eating better will increase energy and focus in all your activities, and you can strengthen your community by shopping or growing locally.

Don’t forget to get plenty of rest.  Your body needs a full night’s sleep to recuperate from stress and your day’s challenges. 

Achieving a better work/life balance is possible with a plan and goals for work and personal time.  Keep reviewing your priorities and you will be successful in your work and life endeavors.