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Happy 2nd Anniversary!

posted Jan 5, 2014, 9:52 AM by Margo Duesterhaus
Our group continues to grow and work towards creating more sustainable and resilient communities in Howard County.  In our second year, our group has accomplished the following: 
  • We received the Community Earth Care Innovator award from the Earth Forum of Howard County in recognition of our
    • Outstanding leadership in developing a new and engaging community earth care program
    • Organizing and presenting community environmental educational programs
    • Establishing partnerships with other environmental groups
    • Developing an effective community communications network
  • We were invited to speak to the Frederick County Sustainability Commission
  • We continue to partner with HoCo Climate Change, Earth Forum of Howard County, Howard County's Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC), and the Columbia Community Exchange, Howard County’s Time Bank.
  • We worked with Watershed Stewards to put in a woodland and watershed conservation garden and promote talks on “Slow the Flow” of stormwater.
  • We continued our outreach at events like Greenfest and the 50+ Expo.
  • We sponsored a discussion circle on the Moneyless Manifesto.
  • We sponsored talks and movies including Climate Reality and the Triple Divide.
  • Our All Hands bimonthly newsletter got a major facelift.  Our average open rate of 35% is well above the industry average.  
  • Our email list has almost TRIPLED in size from 140 to 405.
  • Our web site continues to grow 
    • over 1500 unique visitors this year
    • several blog posts on ecosystem landscaping and resilience
    • new newsletter archive
Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Transition Howard County.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to join in the fun of building sustainable and resilient communities!