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Inner Transition

An important part of resilience is emotional resilience.  Inner Transition is about developing this emotional resiliency to be able to deal with the stresses of climate change, peak resources and financial uncertainty.  There are many excellent resources on emotional resiliency and inner transition.  

Peak Prosperity, Chris Martenson's web site, has an excellent Overview on Emotional Resiliency
And here is another one of their articles on Getting our Story Straight is a Matter of Life and Death (Literally).

The following description of Inner Transition was taken from the Transition Network's web site.

Does change start on the outside and work in, or start on the inside and work out? From the very beginning of the Transition movement, people from both perspectives have, literally, sat round the same table and worked together. Both perspectives are true: the outer creates the inner, and the inner creates the outer. What’s more, some would argue, in coming together we will be working to heal divisions and ‘splits’ that may well be at the root of the mess we are in.

The inner perspective is seen as drawing inspiration from, and weaving together, three distinct strands. Firstly, the insights from the field of psychology and psychotherapy in the West, which seek to understand the roots of human destructiveness and dysfunction and to enable the healing of the wounded, and wounding, human psyche. To this has recently been added the insights of ecopsychology, which argue that our relationship to the Earth, and to what is happening to it, have a significant bearing on our psychology. The second strand involves insights from teachings and writings about the transformation of consciousness, often drawn from Eastern traditions.

The third major strand comes from the many peoples who still remember, and practice, Earth-centred wisdom, and who have not forgotten how to live sustainably on the Earth. All over the world indigenous peoples are coming together as they find the lands on which they live under environmental assault – from oil spills in Nigeria, Louisiana and Ecuador to climate change, deforestation and other forms of pollution. As well as campaigning for their rights and lands, frequently there is a clear call from these peoples to the rest of the world to ‘wake up’.

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