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Stormwater Utility Fee

There is a proposal to repeal of the stormwater utility fee in Howard County, on the basis that funding for permit-required projects is sufficient and no new revenue streams are needed. It is County Bill 52-2015. Some are concerned that with major budget cuts that already took place mid-year, the County will actually not have enough funds to address the federal and state requirement projects and will end up either not meeting their water quality requirements, resulting in hefty fines, or will have to take from other social service funds and discretionary funds to underwrite projects. If you are concerned about this, please contact your Howard County Council Representative.  

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Below is a sample letter that you can use as a template when contacting your representative.

RE: Howard County Bill 52-2015

Council Representative [insert name]:

I am writing you to express my opposition to a repeal of the stormwater fee, Council Bill 52-2015. As you know, polluted runoff is created when rain falls on manmade and other surfaces and becomes polluted. We make this pollution in our daily living when we drive our cars, over-apply salt on paved surfaces, or over-apply lawn fertilizer. There is a cost to polluted runoff.  I am particularly concerned about a repeal because we risk falling short on funds needed for projects.  This will result in hefty fines from state and federal enforcement agencies or will require us to take money from other important social service funds. 

I appreciate your respectful consideration of my viewpoints in regards to repeal.


[insert your name]