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Health and Climate

Your Health and Our Changing Climate

On November 9, 2013 we sponsored a free forum on Your Health and Our Changing Climate to discuss the health impacts of climate change including air that’s harder to breathe, more insect-borne and infectious diseases, contaminated water and soil, and mental stress. Even violence rises along with the temperature. A warmer climate will also affect how we grow food. We will have to work together to protect ourselves and our communities in this changing world.. Speakers included Drs. Cindy Parker and Steve Shapiro from Johns Hopkins University, authors of Climate Chaos: Your Health at Risk; What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family. Others spoke about the health effects of climate change on infants, children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations. Speakers from government agencies and local organizations discussed the community resources available to face the challenges ahead. 

Many thanks to our speakers, panelists and everyone who participated in our health forum!  Click on the links below to see some of the information-packed presentations: