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IncrEDIBLE Landscaping

IncrEDIBLE Landscaping
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a stroll through your neighborhood and enjoy fresh delicious fruit right off the local plants for free?  With IncrEDIBLE Landscaping you can!

All you need is a small plot of community land and a few volunteers.  Of course the more volunteers, the merrier.  Members of the IncrEDIBLE Landscaping team will work with your community on plant selection, installation and care.  The landscape does require some maintenance, especially as the plants get established. The community needs to commit to providing this.  Working together to maintain the landscape helps build a sense of community pride. Over time the landscape will require less maintenance as native plants are hardy. 

There are many native plant edibles to choose from including figs, paw paws, blueberries, elderberries and cranberries.  And there are many benefits to choosing native plants as they support native pollinators and they have evolved to fit the local climate and soil conditions so they require less time and care.

In addition to providing food and habitat for wildlife, the IncrEDIBLE landscape sequesters more carbon dioxide than a grass lawn and with its deeper root system, reduces water runoff and creates a healthier watershed.  Stormwater runoff is a big issue in the Chesepeake Bay watershed and this native landscaping will help “slow the flow” of stormwater into our local rivers and ultimately the bay.

The IncrEDIBLE landscape is an attractive space to meet and get to know your neighbors.  Once the plants are established, you can enjoy watching wildlife such as butterflies that are attracted to the plants.  And you literally get to eat the fruits of your labor. 

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