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Local Energy Resources

Electric Meter:  You can access your local electric bills through BGE’s web site at   

Electricity Monitor:  Kill a Watt energy monitors is a device that provides information on electricity usage.  You plug it into a standard outlet and then plug an electric device into the Kill A Watt to see the energy usage of that device over time.  You can borrow a Kill a Watt monitor from the Howard County Library  System. Go to and search for “Kill a watt” to check availability of the monitors.  You can also learn more at

Light Bulb Samples:  Home Depot has a very large light bulb displays that includes CFLs and LEDs.  They sell bulbs that work with standard dimmer switches.  LEDs are more expensive but last longer than CFLs and do not have mercury in them. 

CFL Recycling:  MOMs, which is located in Jessup, recycles CFLs as well as Home Depot and Lowes. Alpha Ridge accepts them on Saturdays in April thru November.

Energy Audit: Information on local home energy audits

Weather Stripping, Air Sealing, Attic Insulation: A home energy audit will provide many recommendations in these areas. 

Electricity from clean wind power:  Groundswell is a non-profit that negotiates bulk discounts for home owners who want to get their electricity from wind power.  For more details see