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Do you want a thriving local economy? Then join our REconomy group and let us know your thoughts and ideas.  Some ideas we are working on include a Repair Cafe and a Smart Home Expo.  We also want to explore ways that we can help promote our local time bank.  Our first meeting is November 17th.  Please contact for more information.

Time Banking:

Transition Howard County is partners with the the Columbia Community Exchange (CCE), Howard County's Time Banking program. Time Banking values everyone's contributions equally and encourages social harmony. Membership is free and the concept is simple: members exchange services. Spend an hour doing something for a fellow member and earn a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to buy an hour of another member's time or service. It is a simple concept with profound effects that weave stronger communities, forge friendships, and strengthen the daily fabric of life.

For more information on CCE, see their website at

For more information on time banking in the US, visit the TimeBanks USA website.

Local Currency:

Information about the Baltimore local currency (called the BNote):

And to see what they look like, click The Baltimore BNotes

Maryland's Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI):

Information on the GPI:

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact